Why Smart Catalog?

At Smart Catalog, we've been building business solutions for years. We always focus on our clients core business goals and needs. Our experienced software development team ensures building continuous efective & bug free delivery with clear communication and workflow and uses the best industry practices.

Over the years we have been helping small & medium businesses as well as early stage statups to have their stable, secure and scalable systems designed & develop based on their business needs. We're a specialised software development company based in Melbourne who build custom web & mobile apps that suit your business. We can help you with any of the followings:

Web development

Mobile App development

Conceptual Development

Data Analytic/Admin Dashboards

Ready to go mobile?

We are living in an era where mobile/handheld devices have become an everyday essential. If your software/web platforms doesn't work on the mobile devices, you are falling behind. An adaptive/responsive platform, website or a mobile app could help you having a bold presence in the digital world and more acceptable to your customers. Smart Catalog can help you making that bold presence with a mobile freiendly web platform or fully workable mobile apps for both iOS & Android devices.

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About Smart Catalog

Smart Catalog Pty Ltd is a small but smart and Intuitive software development company from Melbourne. We, at Smart catalog, believe every client is unique and has different approaches to run their own businesses & their internal management. We believe the client knows their own business better than us, so we let them manage their business in their own way while we focus on their needs and build custom software solutions that could help them operate their business more effectively & with ease.

We always "Listen" to our clients. Unlike many other companies, we don't try to impose a product which doesn't fit and has different approaches for the business. Rather, we listen to the stakeholders & identify what and how they prefer. Then ased on the findings, we break down the requirements and transfer them into a digital solution which is tailor made on how the client wants that and feels comfortable with.

Product Overview: OCMP

OCMP or the "Owners Corporation Management Portal" is the most comprehensive OC/Strata management portal/application currenttly available in the market. It has been built to help the owners corporation (previously known as Body Corporate) to be more transparent to the community as well as the committee members and reduce overhead of using multiple softwares & solving many of the common problems - ie.

  • Report and manage breaches and complains
  • Report and manage grievances
  • Tracking & automated worklogs for the contractors
  • Budgeting & monthly reporting for budget vs actual spendings
  • Manage any number of facilities with custom T&Cs
  • Manage COVID safe bookings by limiting attendees
  • Website management under your own domain
  • Any memeber accerss ensures data transparency

Real Time Location Tracking

The portal has a mobile app which allows the compliance officers to report breaches & log their times. The app tracks the officer's geo location allowing the admin & the committee members to see the their location almost in real time.

Automated Timesheet

By using the mobile app to start & end their work, OCMP automatically calculates the timesheet which minimizes a lot of manual data entry process and makes it more authentic & reliable.


The residents can use the portal & the app to book any facility and manage their bookings. Any facility could be turned On & Off with a simple click of a button and make if COVID safe by restrict number of users to book a certain timeslot. The management can use the calendar to get a clear picture of when & what time which facility is booked or is free.


A simple website, a mobile app, a concept that needs to be developed or maybe even a simple e-commerce platform - Smart Catalog can help you with almost anything.


We work with you to identify your business needs, determine the features and prioritise the MVP to create a plan allowing you to achieve what is "Practically" possible

Web applications

From storing your data to presenting them in simple ways in order to help your business grow, we leverage the best technologies to bring your web projects to life with easy to use UI/UX

Mobile applications

Smart Catalog can build powerful custom mobile apps for your business, which will work in both iOS & Android devices

Business automation

Every organisation has complex workflows & lots of manual tasks in their day to day operations. We build customized solutions to help streamline the business through automation

Data Analysis

Business means data, but most businesses don't use them properly. We can help you build a solution/reporting tool that will help you visualise how your business is doing and allow you to make the right decisions.

Legacy systems

Is your software program old and outdated? We can help you with your legacy systems by building a new tool/program with better UI/UX and advanced features, giving a new life to the integral part of your business

Our Clients

Here are some of the Startups we worked with to build there online platforms.

Fourth Line is a rigorous risk management and compliance system that empowers and enables advice practices, licensees and other wealth management participants to demonstrate they are taking responsible steps to act in the clients best interest.

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Argos is the regulatory change management platform designed to track, understand and communicate the impacts of regulatory change in a collaborative way.

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The only platform for both single & team sports, that keeps track of individual player's skill scorecard & helps coaches from different level (clubs, states or national) to find talented young players easily & effectivly.

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